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50 Million Google Play Downloads Reached!

If your kids are young and your phone is Android-based (and most are), take note. Featured right at the top of Games main screen on Google Play for the next two weeks are our educational apps for kids – which …

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My Initial Thoughts about ABCmouse’s $1B Valuation

First of all, congratulations to Doug Dohring. It feels really good to see someone in our space (i.e. educational apps for kids) finally reaching that milestone. Having all that content (over 7000(!) activities now, per article) and the fact that …

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Follow-on to My Original Post about a Mouse That Became a Giant

See my original post for my initial thoughts about the Age of Learning’s recent $1B post-money valuation. Congratulations to Will Griffith and Iconiq on their decision. And, once again – hats off to Doug Dohring and his team. When there …

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