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    Why Intellijoy

    There are plenty of fun mobile games that preschoolers can play these days.  Some are even educational.  So what makes Intellijoy® different?  We are all about focus.

    • Our company is focused – it only makes preschool educational apps.
    • Our people are focused – each founding member is an expert in their specific field and is working in their area of strength.
    • Our products are focused.  That means three things.
      1. We don’t use technology to show off our software prowess.  While we use some cool widgets in our apps, all our graphics and features are strictly educational.  If a certain 3D effect doesn’t add to the learning, we leave it out.  This is because we believe that preschoolers are naturally curious and do not need to be tricked into learning with extra effects and gizmos.
      2. Our games contain no banner ads.
      3. Each one of our games is dedicated to one specific part of preschool curriculum.  Kids get to focus and master a given skill before moving on to the next one.   This gives preschoolers a sense of accomplishment and motivates them to keep learning.

    Our focused approach is appreciated by kids, parents and Google alike.  Intellijoy’s games are played almost 10 million times each month.  We’ve earned the top spots in the Education category.  Almost all of our games were featured by Google during the last year and a half.  In fact, Google also invited us to present our Kids Learn to Read app at the Google I/O Conference in San Francisco.

    But that’s just us talking about ourselves – we’d like to hear what YOU think.  So download one of our free lite versions and let us know your thoughts.