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They say

  • Love it. Keeps my hard to please 3 yr old busy up to 15 minutes. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s a chance for a shower. Ahh so worth it.

    - Mayda
  • Awesome app! Impossible to keep my 3 yo focused…but he actually does focus with this! He’s honestly reading words after just a few minutes.  6 stars!

    - Dana
  • I am a child educator, junior k through fifth grade. Also a parent of a 2.5 yr old who LOVES your products. Keep up the great work, A++!

    - kwarner
  • From the mouth of my 3 year old “I like it, i like it really much.”

    - Kristine
  • My daughter is autistic&she spends hrs on this wee game..its bright colours and repeat of letters has taught her to recognize and name them 🙂 ! Ty

    - lilmama
  • My daughter has really taken to this. She is only 20 months and has learnt lots of words and sounds using this app.

    - Jaqui
  • The very best!
    They update with new puzzles frequently. My kids have played it for months. My children are 3 & 4. Best paid app I ever bought.

    - Miss Joy
  • I use this with my in-home-daycare preschoolers. Great app! Also for my own kid to keep her busy on outings.

    - Jasmine
  • Very good application. Our toddler loves it. The developer has been very helpful working through download issues that they didn’t even cause. I will buy other apps from this team.

    - Jonathan