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    Privacy Policy

    Last updated: January 25, 2017


    Intellijoy’s privacy policy is very simple.

    We DO NOT collect your name, location or phone number.

    On iOS-based devices, we DO NOT collect your device id.  Period.

    On Android-based devices, we DO collect your device id via Flurry, a third party analytics tool. User’s device id is required in order to know how many users use any given feature. This helps us remove confusing features and make our apps more user-friendly.

    To make sure Flurry DOES NOT use your device id for any behavioral advertising of its own, we use Flurry’s Restricted Feature Set functionality, which prevents Flurry from using your device id for any behavioral targeting.

    We DO NOT use your device id (or anything, for that matter) for advertising. In fact, our games contain NO ADS. That’s right – unlike most publishers, we do not serve any ads for any third-party products or services.


    最終更新日、2017 年 1 月 25 日