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    ​Kids Learn Shapes 2​

    ​Kids Shapes 2, which follows our Kids Shapes game, teaches about basic geometrical shapes to small children (ages 3-5). The game shows how the world has many familiar objects that are shaped as a circle, a triangle, a rectangle, a square and an oval.
    In this game, children play and learn within these five interactive activities:

    Learn – Kids put the shapes inside a robot who converts them into real-life objects.

    Identify – By identifying the correct shape of the object on the train, kids make the train move.

    Find – In a toy room filled with various objects, kids need to find objects that have a specific shape.

    Match – In this card game, kids need to find a card and its match – a card that has an image of a shape and a card that has an object which corresponds to that shape.

    Sort – Kids load objects into the right cars of a Ferris Wheel. Each car has an image of a shape and the objective is to find an object that belongs in that car.

    With Shapes 2 your children will have fun learning about shapes and understanding how many real-life objects have basic geometrical shapes.