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    Kids Learn about Music

    Kids Learn about Music is your young child’s gateway into music.
    This simple and fun app will introduce children to the basics of the keyboard, music notes, instruments, styles, and more! Each activity offers options to learn and play. Kids are motivated to continue playing as they earn rewards.
    1. Play Piano – Children will tap on keys to hear their sounds, select songs and see their notes, and follow a guide to play a song.
    2. Notes – Kids will discover the names and placement on the staff.
    3. Keys – This fun activity will help your young ones become familiar with the concept of major and minor keys.
    4. Instruments – Children will learn to identify the sounds of 10 popular instruments!
    5. Genres – Kids will learn to tell the difference between 12 genres of music – from waltz to rock n’ roll!
    This full version includes 5 additional melodies for the Piano activity, and the Play mode for the last two activities (as opposed to Learn mode only).