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    Kids Kindergarten Math

    Learning sticks when it’s fun and authentic. Kids Kindergarten Math delivers lessons that are just that!

    Join Hamster and his trusty forklift as he uses numerical ordering, basic addition and subtraction and other kindergarten level math skills to deliver packages all over the world!

    Real(ish) life problems, like missing fruit for Giraffe’s fruit salad or Lion’s lack of dumbbells, set kids off on a problem solving mission of package delivery. Kids will direct Hamster’s forklift to a numbered destination, dial phone numbers, count out items to be delivered, load the delivery truck using numerical ordering, and more!

    The animation and the storytelling are seamless. Kids will forget they are learning, and just play!

    Specific Learning Targets Include:
    – Finding the numbers read aloud in the instruction
    – Putting the numbers in the correct numerical order
    – Counting up to 20
    – Adding and subtracting small numbers

    Laying the foundation for academic success just got easier!