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    Kids ABC Phonics

    Kids ABC Phonics is the second app in Intellijoy’s Reading Curriculum Series (preceded by Kids ABC Letters and followed by Kids Reading). Downloaded nearly one million times, this app teaches letter sounds and the basics of blending via its four wonderfully child-friendly sections. In Learn Letter Sounds, kids can turn a picture-filled letter block and hear the ABC letter sounds pronounced. With Build Letter Blocks, children make their own ABC picture blocks while reinforcing their newly-formed phonics skills. In Pop Letter Bubbles, letter-filled bubbles float on screen as children try to pop them. But don’t be fooled by the fun – by the time children are done with this activity, they will know what letter goes with which sound! In Make Words, kids start blending phonics while putting word puzzles together. The next app in the series, Kids Reading, further expands on these important skills.

    With Kids ABC Phonics, your kids will learn the alphabet letter sounds – guaranteed! While Kids ABC Phonics teaches letter sounds and the basics of blending, it does not cover the next step, which is fluency in actual reading. Developing reading skills is a distinct educational goal, which is addressed in a separate game, Kids Reading.

    Every section of Kids ABC Phonics ensures your child’s success and gives them positive reinforcement so that they’ll want to keep on learning. It’s education in disguise!