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    Intellijoy Early Learning Academy

    You helped them take their first steps in the world. Kids Academy will help them stride into the classroom.

    Ease your young learner’s transition into kindergarten and first grade by joining our virtual expedition made up of over 900 fun, engaging activities. The preschool and kindergarten curriculum has never been so fun! It feels like play, but Intellijoy Kids Academy will leave your child confident and ready to begin school on the right foot.

    This is not yet another Intellijoy app — but a culmination of a years-long effort to turn our acclaimed apps into a holistic, step-by-step kindergarten and 1st grade preparation program.

    “I am a child educator, Junior K through fifth grade. Also a parent of a 2.5 yr old who LOVES your products. Keep up the great work, A++!”

    Intellijoy Kids Academy is a completely safe environment for children – there is no advertising or ability for an external party to contact your child.



    • Preschool (Age 3+)  
    • Pre – K (Age 4+)  
    • Kindergarten (Age 5+)*





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