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    Alive Alphabet Letter Tracing

    Alive Alphabet is a great way for kids to learn letters and letter tracing technique, which is the first step in handwriting.
    The full version of the app has all 26 letters of the English alphabet. The lite version has letters A through F.
    Here is how this game works:
    Step 1: A child traces a letter.
    Step 2: A name of an animal appears on the bottom of the screen whose name begins with the letter that a child just traced.
    Step 3: A child hears how that letter is associated with that word. For example: After tracing letter “A”, the word “Antelope” appears and a child hears: “A, Antelope.”
    Step 4: The traced letter is transformed into the animal whose name appears on the bottom of the screen.
    Step 5: A surprise: That animal plays a short, funny skit.
    Step 6: At the end of the skit, the animal brings out the next letter which a child will need to trace.